Online Entry Guidelines

PMJA is pleased to once again be using the BetterBNC Online Journalism Awards Platform for all of our entering and judging.  The full step-by-step instructions for entering the awards are contained in the pdf document below.  You can also review our FAQ’s here to get answers to the most common questions.  If you have any trouble with the contest site, please contact Christine Paige Diers at or call 605-490-3033 for assistance.  More information about rules, guidelines and fees is available here.

Award Guidelines

Contest FAQ’s:

Q: I don’t know my password

A:  If this is the first time anyone from your station has logged in, your initial password will be bnc (all lower case).  If you have used the system for PMJA awards in past years, your password will be what it was last year.  There is a Password Reset option, but if you are unsure of your password, you can also contact to have it reset.

Q: The contest has me in the wrong division. How do I change my division?

A:  The contest administrator is the only one who can change your division.  If the one listed is incorrect, contact to update your profile.  Note that you can continue to enter awards even before the change is made – once the change is made, it will apply to all entries.

Q: My entries are calculating at the more expensive non-member rate. How can I fix that?

A:  If your entries are calculating at the non-member rate, it likely means we have not yet received your membership renewal for 2023.  You can visit our Membership Page to submit membership payment, or contact us to pay your dues.  If you believe this is an error, contact and we’ll double-check your status.

Q: The person who handled awards at our station last year is no longer here. How can we enter?

A: Christine can update your contestant manager in the system. Just call or email.

Q: My awards payment has been declined, but I know my credit card is good for the entries. Should I try again?

A: No. If your card is declined, contact Christine right away. Frequently, our credit card processing system declines cards due to an address mis-match. If that is the case, we can often push the charge through on our end – but if you try again, your card may appear to have multiple charges.

Q: I’m a freelancer and would like to enter the awards. How can I do that?

A:  PMJA has a special category “Features produced by freelancers.” If you’d like to enter that category, please contact to get set up in the Better BNC system. All other categories must be submitted by the station on which the entry aired.  If you have freelanced, please work with the station to submit your entry.

Q: Who do I contact with additional questions?

A:  You can always reach us at or call Christine at 605-490-3033.