Covering Elections in Solidarity Workshop Available

Sep 16, 2020

  Election season is upon us. So is horse race coverage, political punditry, and elite-focused coverage that often loses sight of how communities engage in politics well before Election Day. 

This 75-minute workshop is open to journalists, editors, journalism students, and journalism educators who seek to cover the 2020 elections by centering marginalized communities that are not only a major part of the electorate, but are also entering electoral races as candidates. 

We’ll start by opening space for you to reflect on your experiences, concerns, and motivations when covering political engagement in election seasons. Then, Anita Varma (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Solidarity Journalism lead) and Anoa Changa (Electoral Justice Staff Reporter, Prism) will share a set of resources and recommendations designed to help enrich your election coverage going forward. 

Freelancers, furloughed/transitioning journalists, and student journalists are all welcome.


  1. To create space for you to share & reflect on your experiences with election coverage so far - what’s working? What’s not? What’s motivating you? What’s de-motivating you?

  2. To introduce you to research on a solidarity approach to covering elections 

  3. To walk through examples of electoral justice coverage and how you can do it, too!

This workshop is free and open to anyone. Get full details on how to regsiter HERE.