Editor Corps on Hold

Jul 24, 2020

PMJA's Editor Corps has been put on hold for the time being as the organization searches for additional funding for the project.  The Editor Corps has provided about 600 hours of editing work to more than 30 stations in the system.  

The program was designed to provide relief to stations - first during the COVID-19 pandemic, then as protests occurred across the country.  "We are so proud to have offered this great service to the system," said Terry Gildea, PMJA Executive Director.  "It has provided important relief to stations.  The Editor Corps has also facilitated some valuable moments of mentorship.  As demand for this kind of help continues to rise, we hope to bring this valuable service back to stations as soon as possible."

PMJA is seeking additional funding in hopes that the Editor Corps can be reinstated to provide editing to stations large and small.