PMJA Editor Corps FAQ

Apr 21, 2020

If you are considering requesting editing under the PMJA Editor Corps, we suggest that you watch the recording of our informational webinar HERE.  At the very least, we request that you review our frequently asked questions below:

How do I request an editor?

Fill out the REQUEST FORM.

How long can I have an editor?

We ask that each request be limited to 4 hours.  Either editors can work for 4 straight hours with the station (for example to cover for an editor who needs a break for a four hour block) OR editors can work on a specific project  that may take a total of four hours over the course of a few days.

Can I make a request every day? 

While there is no limit to the number of requests  your station can make, PMJA expects that we may have to prioritze requests and stations that have already had editing assistance through the Editor Corps may have to be placed lower on that priority list.

Can I request a certain editor?

You can make a request to be matched with a specific editor, and PMJA will try to honor such requests.  However, the program will be based on the time each editor has available, and those constraints may not allow us to honor your request.  We also want to make sure that all the members of our Editor Corps receive assignments through this project and that we don't leave anyone out.

Are there deadlines?

PMJA requests that you make every effort to fill out the request form before 5 p.m. ET for the following day.  For weekend requests, we ask that you try to make requests by 5 p.m. ET  on Friday.  We will try to honor requests made after these deadlines, but appreciate you making the effort to give us sufficient notice for requests.   

What if I know I need help, but am having trouble determining how much time I need?

PMJA would like to make sure our editors are working as much of the requested time as possible.  We will pay an editor for the amount of time we've matched them with you, so we ask that you try to organize your workflow to fit into that time and to also fill as much of that time as possible.  For example, if you request an "on duty" editor for four hours, please encourage your reporters to have their pieces ready to edit during that time frame.  PMJA staff is availalbe to help if you need more clarification.

Is this project only for PMJA members?

PMJA membership is NOT required to participate in this program.

Who are the editors?

  • Jenn de la Fuente
  • Cheryl Devall
  • Linnea Edmeier
  • Julia Mitric
  • Tanya Ott 
  • Melanie Peeples
  • Adam Saytanides
  • Jeb Sharp
  • Kate Smith
  • Naomi Starobin
  • Amy Tardif
  • Traci Tong
  • Kris Vera-Phillips
  • Johanna Zorn

You didn't answer my question here - who do I contact?

Terry Gildea - PMJA Executive Director - or 801-556-1904

Christine Paige Diers - PMJA Business Manager - or 605-490-3033