From the Archives

It's amazing what you find when you move.  Recently, the PRNDI Office (such as it is) moved from my former home in Sturgis, SD to my newly-purchased home in Rapid City, SD (just about 30 miles down the road).  In the process of cleaning out and getting ready to move, I ran across a folder that a long-time PRNDI member had sent to me awhile back.  I hadn't taken the time to look through it, and now am sorry I didn't do it sooner. 

In this folder are PRNDI (and before that PRNDA) newsletters and conference progams dating back a number of years.  In fact, the folder even includes the very FIRST newsletter the organization put out.  At the time (July of 1986), PRNDI was PRNDA (Public Radio News Directors Association) and the newsletter was called "ADVISORY: NOT FOR BROADCAST."  In that first volume, the newsletter editor - Michelle Peterson, News Director at KLON in Long Beach, CA - spelled out the purpose of the newsletter, "This publication will be used to share ideas and discuss issues releated specifically to public radio news and those confronting all journalists."  

After reading just a few articles, I decided we should share some of the information contained in these old newsletters (and possibly even some of the decriptions of conference sessions in the old conference programs) on our website and in our current e-newsletter.  

So, here it is - "From the Archives - PRNDI's history in snippets."  I hope you enjoy this look at some of our history as much as I am.

Christine Paige Diers, PRNDI Business Manager

From PRNDA Newsletter April 1992

By Morgan Holm, News Director for Oregon Public Broadcasting Radio, Portland, OR

As seen in the PRNDA Newsletter, July 1991 - Note:  PRNDA was the original name of what is now PRNDI.  In the early 1990s, the A for "Association" was changed to I for "Incorporated."

By Fay Mitchell Henderson, PRNDA Member Services Committee

Early in its history, the Public Radio News Directors Association conducted a survey of stations.  The results were published in the very first issue of the newsletter “Advisory: Not for Broadcast” in July, 1986.  This is what we learned then.


Check out the new PRNDI website feature "From the Archives."  Periodically, we'll be posting items found in old PRNDI (and even prior to that, PRNDA) newsletters.  We'll post articles, messages from the President, and even some descriptions of conference sessions from years past.  What's changed in the business in the past 30 years?  What hasn't?  Here's one way to see what's new and what was happening early on in PRNDI's history.

As seen in the PRNDA (Public Radio News Directors Association) Newsletter "ADVISORY: NOT FOR BROADCAST"

January 1987 – by Marcos Martinez, News Director, KUNM, Albuquerque

People of color are becoming a proportionately larger part of the American population.  They are becoming more important as news consumers, as news subjects and as potential listnere supporters for public radio.  Reaching a greater share of minority listeners makes sense in light of the public radio goal of doubling the audience by the next decade.