KUNC's Brian Larson named PMJA 2021 Editor of the Year

The PMJA Board is proud to announce that the 2021 Editor of the Year award will be given to Brian Larson, Director of News at KUNC in Greeley, Colorado.

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Resources for Journalists Covering Civil Unrest

Resources For Journalists Covering Civil Unrest

As our member station newsrooms send reporters out into their communities to cover the extraordinary events unfolding, PMJA is committed to you through this difficult time. We've aggregated resources here to help keep journalists informed and safe.

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Nominations are now open for PMJA's annual elections.   On Wednesday, May 12, we held an informational webinar for anyone who might be considering a run for any of the open seats.  If you missed it, you can watch the recording of the webinar HERE.  You will be asked to register to view the recording.

You've registered to attend the PMJA 2021 Virtual Conference.  That's great!  But what do you do now?  We've developed this brief video to help you get logged into the virtual platform.  You can log in as soon as  you'd like, and start connecting with other people, check out the schedule, and so much more. 

Few organizations in the United States have gained the attention, philanthropic support--and the results--of Chicago's CityBureau in the ongoing process of "democratizing American journalism."


Have you ever thought about running for the PMJA Board?  Elections are coming up in June, and if you want to run, now's the time to start thinking about it.  We're here to help, too.  On Wednesday, May 12 at 2 p.m. EST, we'll be holding an informational webinar for anyone considering running.  The webinar will review the roles and responsibilities of being a board member.  We'll talk about the time committment and we'll let you know about the perks of serving.  REGISTER NOW TO ATTEND!

With the pandemic more than a year old in the U.S., are you looking for better ways to gather audio remotely? Whether it's coaxing the best sound out of Zoom or coaching someone to gather audio for you from where they are, this webinar will share proven ideas and techniques. View the recording of this very informative webinar now.




PMJA's Editor Corps has been put on hold for the time being as the organization searches for additional funding for the project. 

PMJA Members Vote to Approve Bylaws Changes

Apr 16, 2021

On Wednesday April 14, PMJA members voted via electronic ballot to approve six proposed changes to the organization's bylaws. All six ballot measures passed.

Alberto Mendoza, Executive Director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists joined Colorado Public Radio's Rachel Estabrook to discuss his organization’s cultural competence handbook.

The PMJA Board is asking members to vote on six proposed changes to the organization's bylaws. In this webinar, Executive Director Terry Gildea, Treasurer Brent Wolfe and Business Manager Christine Paige Diers outline the proposed changes. 

PMJA Executive Director Terry Gildea announced today he is leaving his post as the organization’s executive director to become program director at WUNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The PMJA Board has elevated PMJA’s business manager, Christine Paige Diers into the role of interim executive director.  Gildea’s last day with PMJA is April 16.


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