Sponsorship guidelines


It is understood that purchasing a sponsorship will become a binding contract upon acceptance by PMJA, and incorporated into this contract are the following terms, conditions, rules and regulations. The individual purchasing sponsorship represents and warrants that he/she is authorized to execute a binding agreement on behalf of the company, and should they be removed from his or her position, the contracting organization is required to fulfill the obligations under this agreement. 


Payment for all Conference Sponsorships must be paid by check, EFT or credit card in full by May 31, 2023. 

Shared partnerships, sponsorships or booths are discouraged. 


The PMJA reserves the right to exercise its sole discretion in acceptance or refusal of sponsorship purchases. If a sponsorship is not accepted by PMJA, all money paid will be returned to the applicant. 


PMJA prohibits any member or attending organization from holding any promotional, social and/or educational events, meetings, receptions, etc. during the official dates and times of a PMJA event without prior approval from PMJA. 


PMJA strictly prohibits any badge sharing, splitting or reprinting. All attendees must wear a badge for access to all PMJA sessions and events. 


Cancellations must be made in writing to PMJA and are subject to the cancellation fees set herein. 

Full cancellation of conference sponsorships, without penalty is available until May 1, 2023. If sponsorship is canceled between 5/1/2023 and 5/31/2023, 50 percent of the total agreement is due to PMJA. If sponsorship is cancelled any time after 5/31/2023, full payment of the total agreement is due to PMJA and prior payments will not be refunded. 

In the event the Annual Conference is cancelled or transitioned to a virtual conference, conference sponsorships, in full or in part, may be deferred to the next annual conference. By request refunds can be available less sponsorship benefits already received and/or the processing cost of payments made. 


All costs incurred on behalf of PMJA collecting past due sponsorship fees will be your responsibility. Any account referred to a collection attorney may be restricted from future PMJA sponsorship as determined by PMJA. 


Certain items (images, virtual booth details, etc.) may be required from sponsors in order for PMJA to fulfill our obligations under this contract. Should items not be submitted by the deadlines provided by PMJA, in the manner in which they are requested, PMJA will not be responsible for its inability to fulfill the obligations related to said deadline.