PMJA Annual Awards promotional guidelines

The PMJA Annual Awards are designed to recognize the very best in public media work done by local public media outlets.  For over 30 years, we've honored hundreds of public radio journalists, shining a spotlight on exceptional public media projects. 

We want all award winners to celebrate their achievements.  Here are some things you’ll need to know plus a few suggestions. 

  • PMJA Annual Awards are presented to news organizations, not individuals (except in the Freelancer categories).  While individuals may add language to their bios and social media, PMJA does not recognize specific contributions to work done on award winning pieces. 

  • Winners will be announced at and considered the definitive list of winners. 

    • A press release will be issued in late May with an June 6, 2024 embargo

  • One plaque per first and second place award is presented to winners using shipping details listed on their PMJA profiles.  Duplicate plaques are available to order using the details that accompany original plaques. 

  • Use either PMJA or Public Media Journalists Association. When using PMJA on air, please use the individual letters in the acronym, i.e. P-M-J-A. 

  • When promoting your awards, please use “PMJA Award,” “PMJA Annual Award,” or “PMJA Awards Competition.”  Do not use PRNDI. 

  • Award winners may use photos of their awards, PMJA logos or PMJA Award logos which can be downloaded HERE

  • Add a winner frame to your social media profile photos 

    • Download share frames HERE.

    • Depending on the social media platform you are using:

      • Follow their directions to add a frame to your profile picture

      • Open your picture in a photo editor and add a the transparent frame png file to your image, save the new file and upload to your profile

  • Share a link to your award-winning pieces across your social media platforms and explain the importance of local public media framed by the work you’ve done 

  • Make sure your news organization marketing and development teams are aware of your award-winning work!