Volunteer to facilitate a PMJA Meet-Up

Guide engaging discussions, foster connections, make a difference. 

You'll play a crucial role in leading the facilitation of our various member meet-ups, fostering a welcoming and inclusive space for public media journalists to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Each meet-up follows a standard agenda, and you'll be responsible for: 

Leading the main session: 

    • Frame the topic of the day and guide the discussion, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate. 
    • Utilize your facilitation skills to keep the conversation engaging and productive. 
    • Consider breakouts based on the topic and number of attendees. 

Wrap up and takeaways: 

    • Summarize key points and takeaways from the discussion. 
    • Encourage members to implement what they learned in their own work. 

Maintaining a positive and inclusive environment: 

    • Create a safe space for open dialogue and respectful exchange of ideas. 
    • Welcome new members and help them feel comfortable participating. 

Facilitating meet-ups are a low effort, high return volunteer effort:

  • We ask for a commitment of 90 minutes per meet-up, including pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting follow-up. 
  • Meet-ups are held monthly, quarterly or every 6 weeks depending on how the participants have agreed on scheduling with a maximum of 10 per year each.
  • We may pair you up with another volunteer to lighten the load.

Choose the meet-up that speaks to you to reap and share the benefits:

  • Make a valuable contribution to the public media community. 
  • Network and connect with other passionate journalists. 
  • Develop your leadership and facilitation skills. 
  • Gain valuable experience in event planning and execution. 
  • Be a part of a dynamic and supportive organization. 

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