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Jenn de la Fuente


Professional Bio

Jenn is a web designer and developer who focuses on creating websites and web products that help people and organizations represent themselves and get their message out. She has primarily worked with other creatives on their portfolios, and nonprofits. She is also a web producer and has worked with several NPR stations through the PMJA editor corps, such as KUNC, Boise State Public Radio, WWNO, and WLRN. She has experience as a copy editor and working with various content management systems to create special pages and sections to showcase stories and series. Jenn brings a lot of user experience knowledge and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge to the table, and has built custom WordPress sites for years. Before running her own design business, she was a journalist for 10 years, working primarily in sports, and has done almost everything under the sun as a print journalist: reporting, writing, copy editing, page design, and even compiling all the tiny box score print as an agate clerk. Jenn also teaches in the public relations department as an adjunct professor at USC. In her spare time, she enjoys playing ice hockey, scuba diving, traveling, and yelling at the TV when her beloved Trojans are playing football or her beloved L.A. Kings are playing hockey. She lives in Los Angeles and considers herself a true blue Angeleno even though she grew up in Guam.

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