Editor Corps Terms & Conditions

PMJA is responsible to assign an editor to the News Organization at its discretion and based on the availability of funding, availability of independent editors and prioritization.

The News Organization agrees to pay PMJA for editing hours based on the size of the newsroom. Payments can be made when the request is made or by invoice.

PMJA and individual editors have a separate agreement outlining payments to the editor. The News Organization has no responsibility to pay the editor.

The station is responsible for working with the PMJA editor in good faith for the hours agreed upon. If a station needs to cancel a scheduled editing shift, PMJA requires the cancellation be requested at least 24 hours prior to the shift (or the Friday prior if the shift begins on a Monday) so the editor can schedule another client. Short-notice cancellations will incur a charge to the station to cover 50% of the editor's pay for that day.

PMJA has a no-refunds policy.  If you need to cancel a shift, you'll receive a credit memo that can be applied to future Editor Corps hours or other purchases including registrations and renewals.

The News Organization is responsible for all on-air content.

 PMJA has developed editorial guidelines that all editors will be using. Those guidelines are available here.

The News Organization is responsible for providing credit on-air and online for content produced with an Editor Corps editor. 

The News Organization is responsible for submitting links to content to PMJA within 30 days of completion.

The News Organization is responsible for responding to all requests for feedback as required for reporting to Editor Corps funders.

The News Organization agrees to these responsibilities and will hold harmless PMJA and the individual editor except where prohibited by State law.