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Narrative Podcasts

Narrative Podcasts

Wednesday, March 13, 2024
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)


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Session #3:  Narrative Podcasts

From concept to publication, the limited-series, narrative podcast can bring long-form reporting and investigative topics to your digital audience. We’ll hear from public radio producers and reporters on where to start and the storytelling tools, you’ll need along the way.

Ashley Ahearn - Independent Podcast Producer

Ben Brock Johnson - Executive Producer, Podcasts - WBUR

Antonia Cereijido - Host, Imperfect Paradise - LAist

Public radio meets podcasting: A 4-part audio adventure

This 4-part series equips public media journalists like you to harness the power of podcasting in this crucial election year. ️️
  • Reach beyond the dial: Captivate audiences with immersive formats and spark vital civic conversations.

  • Repurpose & refresh: No need to start from scratch. Craft compelling bites from existing content to grab attention.

  • Snippets to sagas: Master narrative & long-form storytelling tools that weave powerful audio journeys.

  • Build your audience & fuel impact: Connect with a community hungry for reliable information and boost your station’s impact (and maybe budget!)

Ignite creativity, amplify your station’s reach, and strengthen democracy! Register today.

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Sáša Woodruff
Sáša Woodruff
News Director Boise State Public Radio

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