PMJA Board Elects Leadership

The PMJA Board of Directors held its annual organizational meeting July 21, 2023. At that meeting, the board elected members to leadership roles and accepted new committee chair assignments. Under a recent bylaws change, PMJA's board will hold a similar organizational meeting each year. Congratulations to the following officers and committee chairs.


President: Priska Neely

Vice President: Doug Nadvornick

Treasurer: LaToya Dennis

Secretary: Joey Palacios


Awards Committee: Doug Nadvornick

Bylaws & Governance Committee: Joey Palacios

Conference Committee: Emily Alfin Johnson

DEI Committee: LaToya Dennis

Membership & Outreach Committee: Mary Shedden

Training & Education Committee: Sáša Woodruff

Anyone interested in serving as a member of any of PMJA's committees should reach out to to volunteer.

Board of Directors

  • Priska Neely
    Priska Neely
    Managing Editor - Gulf States Newsroom WBHM 205-734-1892
    President (2025)
  • Doug Nadvornick
    Doug Nadvornick
    News and Program Director, interim Morning Edition host - Spokane Public Radio Spokane Public Radio 5093285729
    Vice President/Conference Committee Chair (2025)
  • LaToya Dennis
    LaToya Dennis
    News Director Central Florida Public Media (810)610-9953
    Treasurer/DEI Committee Chair (2026)
  • Mary Shedden
    Mary Shedden
    News Director WUSF Public Media (813)974-8636
    Secretary/Membership & Outreach Comm. Chair (2025)
  • Sáša Woodruff
    Sáša Woodruff
    News Director Boise State Public Radio
    Director/Training & Education Comm. Chair (2026)
  • Emily Alfin Johnson
    Emily Alfin Johnson
    Growth Editor, Network Initiatives National Public Radio
    Director/Awards Committee Chair (2025)
  • Lauren Chapman
    Lauren Chapman
    Digital editor WFYI
    Director/Bylaws & Governance Comm. Chair (2026)