PMJA Editor Corps – Request an Editor

The PMJA Editor Corps is made up of seasoned freelance public media editors who have made themselves available to stations. PMJA membership is not required to request an editor. Editors are assigned based on individual availability and funding. While every effort is made to fulfill requests, it is possible that PMJA may need to prioritize requests. In that event, will be given to stations working on special projects or in-depth reporting, stations covering staff leave time, and those stations looking to provide additional coaching to less experienced staff members.

UPDATE: Effective October 27, 2022

Due to the higher-than-expected usage of the PMJA Editor Corps program this year, the availability of free hours will be suspended next week. Despite the suspension of the free service, PMJA understands that stations continue to experience an unprecedented staffing crisis, so we will continue to provide the opportunity for stations to make use of the editors in the Editor Corps at their own expense.

PMJA is currently undergoing a process of restructuring of the program to make it a sustainable service. Until the new program is unveiled, stations may request editors at the rate of $85 per hour. PMJA will continue to administer the program, from scheduling to payroll, so that stations can continue to focus on the crisis at hand with as little friction as possible.

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