Summary available: Ethical Dilemmas for Local Newsrooms

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Local journalists are always facing ethical questions, but often don’t have the time or context to sort through the nuances. And sometimes you wish you could bounce it off someone else.

Join PMJA on Wednesday, April 20 for a live one-hour discussion with Poynter’s Kelly McBride, chair of the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership and a nationally recognized media ethics expert. She’s also served as NPR’s public editor the past two years, and understands the unique challenges public media newsrooms face.

Kelly will respond to questions submitted to advance, as well as some asked during the workshop. Participants will also be asked to share their thoughts as part of the conversation.

All questions will be addressed without identifying the station or person submitting the question. And unlike other PMJA training workshops, this event will NOT be recorded, to provide everyone the opportunity to comfortably dig into the tough issues local stations are facing.

Wednesday, April 20, 1-2 PM EDT
Moderator: Mary Shedden, News Director, WUSF Public Media, Tampa